My Personal Testimony

I studied all the world’s major religions when I was about 17-18. I was raised in a Christmas and Easter kind of home – Those were the only times we went to church, and it was usually a Catholic one. But I decided I wanted to know what the truth of life is before marrying and having kids, etc. I didn’t want to lie to my kids, or find truth after marriage and thus have all those problems.
So I studied eastern philosophy, astrology, Islam, Mormonism, etc, asking their leaders for evidence to PROVE their faith was true. I was looking for two things:
1) solid evidence I could base my faith on
2) loving and kind teachings
None of the leaders or books from other religions could prove they were right. They had some nice stuff to say, and some wacky stuff, but no proof.

Until I studied Bible prophecy. That’s when I saw real solid evidence. I saw that no man could tell the future, with that much detail and be 100% accurate, unless God gave the information.

So my faith was firmly based on Scripture. It was then simply a matter of studying what the Bible says. Once I knew the Bible was true, I knew I could trust the One who wrote it, and that the promises of forgiveness and a new heart were for me. That’s how I became a Christian, almost 15 years ago.
-Joshua Fontanilla

Josh and Kali