• The 70 Weeks of Daniel 9

    One of the most stunning prophecies in all of the Bible, Daniel 9 tells the exact year of Jesus’ first coming to the Jewish nation almost 2000 years ago. What’s amazing is that Daniel predicted this over 500 years before it happened, and Jesus showed up right on time.

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  • The Little Horn of Daniel 7

    Daniel 7 speaks of four beasts, which are four empires (see Dan. 7:17 & 23), but the focus of the chapter is the Little Horn. About the same amount of verses are dedicated to the Little Horn as to the other four beasts in the chapter.

    Today’s lesson we look at the characteristics of the Little Horn and see that only one power fits all of them.

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  • Unlocking Revelation Seminar

    Bible prophecy, in detail! This seminar will go through the prophecies of Scripture in a classroom style, with tons of details.

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  • What’s Behind the Illuminati?

    Forget the speculation, nothing but solid facts here from the best sources. Join us to see how powerful Secret Societies are, and what’s behind them. Along the way, we’ll see more evidence for the God of the Bible.

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  • How to Study the Bible

    This is week 1 in a two month course. Here you will learn how to study the Bible FOR YOURSELF.
    I will NOT tell you what the Bible says, but rather give you tools to discover for yourself, skills for reading comprehension that you can use to study the Bible at home.

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